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How to Leverage GPS to Optimize Delivery Routes, Locate Trucks in Real Time, and Optimize

11.9.2017 - 7:21 PM Comments: 0

GPS tracking has completely revolutionized the trucking and shipping industry. Fleet managers can locate, track, and monitor their trucks to the point of highest accuracy in real time with GPS. This has opened up immense opportunities for trucking businesses to improve their services, optimize their costs, and add to their bottom line. Here are some ways that trucking businesses are successfully leveraging GPS technology to gain that much needed competitive edge over their competitors.

Delivery Route Optimization

Today, Business Analytics has enabled trucking businesses to chart out the optimal delivery routes that minimize the distance travelled, duration, and costs incurred by the trucks to complete the shipments. On top of it, real-time traffic data integration allows them to even monitor the traffic on the delivery routes and optimize those routes towards achieving specific business objectives. For instance, too much traffic not only means late deliveries, but also higher fuel consumption. In such cases, detours can provide better cost-benefits as well as customer satisfaction results. In addition to charting out such optimal delivery routes, fleet managers can also ensure that the drivers are not straying from these routes. Again, GPS devices come in handy in these situations.

Real-Time Tracking for Shippers

Thanks to GPS technology, customers can now track their shipments in real time, no matter where it is. This allows them to know exactly when their shipments will reach them, and therefore make suitable arrangements to receive the shipments. This also allows the shippers to operate in a lean fashion. They can schedule their shipments such that their warehouse capacities are utilized to the optimum. This means a significant reduction in costs for the shippers, which translates into a happy customer for the trucking business.

Value Added Features

A variety of GPS-enabled devices in the market, such as GPSTab ELD Edition, come loaded with a rich variety of features that grant greater control to fleet managers over their trucking operations and driver behavior. These devices log everything from time compliances to detention times to driving behavior to truck speeds and provide highly insightful reports to the fleet managers. They can use all of this data to promote responsible driver behavior. In addition to this, the very fact that such information is being logged is a big incentive for the drivers to be more responsible on the roads. The advancement of GPS technology and software helps to make the roads safer. Moreover, responsible driving helps with upkeep and maintenance of the vehicles, in turn reducing the costs associated with breakdowns and repairs. All in all, GPS devices have turned out to be absolutely essential gadgets for trucking businesses in tracking their equipment and improving their services.
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