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Top 4 Disruptive Technologies That are Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

10.31.2017 - 7:02 PM Comments: 0

Every industry in the world is undergoing incredible change on account of disruptive innovations that are cropping up from every corner. The internet has enabled these innovators to offer their leading-edge technologies to customers all over the globe. This has accelerated the innovation and has allowed tech startups and large organizations alike to push the boundaries of what is possible today. Even in the trucking industry, technologies that were hitherto thought to be possible only in the future are making their presence felt today, now. Here are top 4 such technologies.

  Self-driving Commercial Trucks Autonomous trucks have always been one of the most coveted technological advances in the trucking industry, as they would standardize the trucking operations and remove a large number of variables and uncertainties arising out of human presence. The first of the autonomous trucks were tested on the road, and it has delivered promising results, which means that we can expect this technology to become mainstream in just a few years. However, the arrival of autonomous trucks will not mean the death of driving job for millions of truck drivers in the US. Autonomous trucks will continue to require a driver to be seated behind the wheel for supervision and take control of the vehicle in congested areas like within city limits.  


Biometric technologies could integrate a variety of driver information to make the roads a much safer place in the future. An integrated system could combine driver health data, nutrition data, behavioral data, their level of experience, and so on to improve the safety of the drivers and their driving. For instance, biometric technology could identify drivers based on their biometric data, and only allow authorized personnel to drive the vehicle. At the same time, onboard technology can check whether the driver is attempting to operate the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and prevent the vehicle from starting if they test positive.  

Advent of Operator Aggregators

A number of startups and established tech companies are already working on shipper aggregation services, which would bring all shipping related information directly to the customers, including total cost, its breakdown, and quotes from multiple shippers in real time. There would be no need to wait on receiving quotes anymore. The shippers can instantly decide which operator to choose for their shipping requirement, and then hire them for their services. This will make the industry more competitive and convenient for the shippers. On part of the truck operators, it also eliminates their need to find customers in the market, as the customer will come to them directly.  

Smart Last-Mile Delivery Solutions

There are a multitude of smart last-mile delivery solutions coming up in the shipping industry today. For instance, Walmart is using employees to deliver goods from online to its customers located on its employee's home routes. Then there is Amazon, which is experimenting with drones for last mile deliveries. More such last-mile delivery options will come up as businesses look for new ways to reduce expenses while simultaneously providing better services to consumers.
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