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5 of the Most Successful IT Ideas

09.15.2017 - 7:22 PM Comments: 0

The path to success in the transportation industry, or any industry for that matter, is not always predictable. In fact, our guide below to 5 very successful IT ideas can show you what companies need to thrive in this world full of ideas.

So, no matter what field you’re in, read on to gain some inspiration and insight into what it took for 5 particular startups to find success.

1. Pandora

Pandora was a pioneer in the field of personalized music-recommendation services. By tailoring stations to suit an individual’s music taste, combined with feedback in response to songs and artists chosen, this service creates a personalized listening experience.

By creating a unique, individual experience, Pandora feeds off of deep brand loyalty. As a result, it raised $231 million in the sale of 10 million shares. Of all IT companies, Pandora truly paved the way for those who strive to offer personalization to their customers.

2. Kaltura

Kaltura is an open-source video platform for managing, publishing, and distributing video content. The platform targets 3 specific niches:

    • Enterprise
    • Education
    • Media

By focusing on these specific niches, Kaltura was able to build specific features and functions unique to each sector. It has even reached the attention of companies like Groupon, Bank of America, Harvard, and HBO. Having raised $25 million, this story just goes to show that you don’t have to target everyone.

3. Voxy

Voxy, a mobile app, helps Spanish speakers learn English through mini lessons based on real-life experiences. Though this company is using advanced technology, they chose not to expand the service to other languages.


Well, by keeping the same focus in sight, Voxy established an enormous presence in the market. By not trying to do too much at once, they now have over 3 million users and $15 million in funding.

4. MapMyFitness

Another successful mobile platform is MapMyFitness, which relies on GPS technology to map and record workouts. It originally only offered a fitness tracker, but has now evolved into other fitness resources, such as:

    • Online Training Tools
    • A Nutrition Tracker
    • Fitness Calculators

Since its founding, MapMyFitness now has over 13 million users and is compatible with over 200 devices. This device-agnostic approach is a huge reason of why Under Armour acquired the company for $150 million.

5. Apartment List

Last but not least, there is Apartment List, which is a rental marketplace that helps renters find the ideal apartment. The website consolidates millions of listings into one easily searchable online map, making the whole process more convenient and hassle-free.

Instead of trying to compete with other similar companies, Apartment List chose to instead foster beneficial partnerships with several leading real-estate marketplaces. This focus on partnerships helped them earn $15 million as a startup.

Are You Interested in Finding this Kind of Success?

If so, then let UTECH Inc. help you on your journey. Specializing in the transportation industry, we can give you the tools and support to help you make it big. It takes much more than a good idea for a startup to thrive, so contact us today to figure out just how we can help you strive today.

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