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5 Common Mistakes in Website Building

09.8.2017 - 5:15 PM Comments: 0

Even if you’re in the transportation industry, chances are you need a website. If you’re website building for the first time, however, then you might run into common mistakes that would ruin the success of your first website. To help you find success, use our guide below to 5 common mistakes in website building, and how you can thrive instead.

Poor Navigation

A common mistake when building a website occurs when your site visitors don’t know where or how to find the information they need. Either the links are hard to find, buttons are not visible, or they’re just placed in the wrong spot. To improve your website navigation, make sure that you:

    • Keep it Consistent
    • Divide Categories Clearly
    • Make Clickable Links
    • Use Accurate Navigation Titles
    • Ensure Every Clickable Image has ALT Text
    • Ensure your Search Feature Works

By accomplishing those goals, visitors will be able to easily roam your website and be more likely to buy your good or service.

Too Much Clutter

This mistake often occurs on the homepage, the first page that visitors will see on your website. If yours looks too packed or flashy, then your potential customers might just exit the page. In fact, 30% of internet users will immediately abandon a website if they feel it is too cluttered. To help you combat this, make sure that you:

    • Prioritize Features
    • Remove Unneeded items
    • Create Intentional Designs
    • Contain Clear Navigation

Improper Call to Action

It is very common for websites to lack a clear Call to Action. The Call to Action directs your site visitors to act, such as to:

    • Buy
    • Download
    • Subscribe
    • View
    • Share
    • Follow

To entice visitors to commit to one of those commands, then you will need a clear Call to Action. You can achieve this by addressing potential questions, proper website design, and following through on your actions.

Out-of-Date Content

If your website appears abandoned or full of information that is out-of-date, then visitors will leave. Out-of-Date content won’t prove to them that you are accessible, or able to give immediate attention. Regularly review your website and the information it provides to make sure your website is current and fresh, in order to entice new customers.

Going Live Without Testing

Last but not least, if you don’t test your website before you publish it, then you are making a grave mistake. Your website might contain spelling mistakes, broken links, alignment issues, or overall have layout problems that wouldn’t reach your target audience. Make sure that you have a peer to review your website before publishing as well, to get a different opinion on what your site has to offer.

Bottom Line

By preventing these common mistakes, your website will be well on its way to finding success for your business. If you have any other questions or concerns in regard to website building, then contact UTECH Inc. today. We focus on software development, digital marketing, and technology in the transportation. With our guidance and expertise, we can help you find the kind of success that you are looking for.

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