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The transportation industry is peculiar to men, but the rate at which ladies switch to the profession as drivers have grown significantly over the years. The majority of ladies in the transportation industry or switching to the industry are passion-driven and this passion has been keeping them on track in an industry that is traditionally believed to belong to men.

“You might see no big deal in an eighteen-wheeler fitly packed at your loading dock, but might be amazed seeing a lady jumped down from the cab with a four-foot steel pipe in her hand.”

The trucking profession gives opportunities to ladies to work as truck drivers aside the female-dominated careers, such as marketing, management, sales, etc. They are also given the privilege of owning their own truck or fleet. Ladies in this industry tend to earn more than other ladies in other professions. Also, female drivers earn the same pay as their male counterparts, because payment in trucking is on the basis of miles and percentage of loads.

In 1929, a female truck driver; Lillie McGee Drennan earned her Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), she is the first woman to be licensed as a female truck driver. And she became the owner of the first trucking company to be owned by a woman; Drenne Truck Line. This amazing result of Drennan encouraged more ladies to enter the transportation industry and they succeeded. These women opened the door for other women that are interested in joining as a pioneer female driver. Drennan as a woman trucker protects herself with a six-shooter gun whenever she is on the road doing her thing.

The transportation industry absorbed more ladies into the system in the 1960’s than the previous generation. But the truck driver union almost makes it impossible for ladies to be employed because; there were no bathroom facilities designed for them in case they needed to use one. The union was of the opinion that ladies should have their privacy which the transportation industry does not guarantee. But as time goes on, they were able to demonstrate their competence and reliability as excellent and passionate truck drivers. This allegiance also earned them a measure of respect from their male counterparts; by so doing ladies in the transportation industry receive same privileges, opportunities and pay as men do.


Majority of people keep wondering why a woman will choose to rock an 18-wheeler rather than attending the college or securing a high paying and decent job as a career. Some people go the extent of attacking female truck drivers for not getting married and having their own family like other women do. These reactions and questions they get from people has been a major factor that has contributed to the few number of female truck drivers in the industry.

The answer to this brainstorming question differs from lady to lady, but a large number of ladies are driven by passion because; ordinarily no lady will want to go into any ‘hard’ job if not for passion or interest. Also, most women have the potential of earning more income from driving the truck than the noble salaried job after obtaining their degree. In nutshell, we can say the pay involved is another driving force that can make a lady with a degree joins the transportation industry.

The women trucker community is populated by mostly ladies that are done having kids; especially the recently divorced ones who want to make extra cash for survival. Some of these women are still married, obtained their CDL and then form a team of truck driver with their husband.

Also the women with the white collared job may be tired or bored with their office work and then decide to quit it for something different.

Female truck drivers are known for their excellent driving and safety records which make the industry to desire more of them. They are known to be safe conscientious and has been proven that female truck drivers have little likelihood of getting involved in an accident. This safety record of the female truck drivers as mentioned earlier on is a major reason trucking companies want to engage the services of ladies.

The truck industry like other forms of profession has a lot to offer aside the long-haul routes. As a female trucker, never allow the setback of traveling discourage you from taking up trucking as a career. Women truck drivers need to be tough and courageous and also learn to accept criticism with all joy so as to survive and not get distracted or discouraged in the male-dominated industry.

Surely, toughness and perseverance will be greatly rewarded at the end!

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