Everything You Should Know About Hyperloop News

Everything You Should Know About Hyperloop

08.4.2017 - 4:54 PM Comments: 0

When you think about the future of transportation, you need to think about Hyperloop. After all, it's the only transportation that is able to reach the impressive 760 miles per hour.

Even though Elon Musk, the big guy behind Tesla, had once written a paper about a similar approach to the Hyperloop, it was the Hyperloop One company who designed, built, and just made its first test during the beginning of this year. Although there are many similarities, the truth is that the Hyperloop One company keeps stating that they need to make crucial changes in the ideas presented by Musk a few years back.

The track test was done in Las Vegas, and the Hyperloop was able to reach the 116 mph in just 1.1 seconds. And this was something that was never seen in the transportation industry.

One of the major challenges for this transportation was to overcome the air resistance. In order to do it, Hyperloop, which features a futuristic train, will be disguised as a sort of a capsule that will travel on magnetic air cushions floating through these gigantic tubes with lowered air pressure. Besides, there is also a large propeller located at the front that will shovel additional air aside. This will optimize propulsion.

The Hyperloop big latest announcement was the track test they need as well as the results achieved. However, this transportation company is already thinking about the future and already has some steps in mind. At the moment, Elon's company is already working on another test track. This time, they will try to measure the max terminal velocity. At the same time, they are already taking care of the vacuum and hover technologies that will be used on a 3 km tube. If everything works out as planned, they should be making this new test in early 2018.

The Different Uses For The Hyperloop

One of the most cited and commented uses for the Hyperloop is, without any question, trips between large cities in the United States like the one between San Francisco and Los Angeles that would only take 30 minutes. But this transportation could also be used in Europe and connect different countries in less than 1 hour. In fact, one of the trips that are already being considered is the one between Finland and Sweden. According to most calculations, traveling from one capital to the other would roughly take 30 minutes using this new transportation. At the moment, a ferry ride takes near 16 hours.

Another use for the Hyperloop would be to connect major cities and their airports.

But it not only able to transport people. It can also transport goods as well. And in this case, French and German railway companies are already discussing the best approach to take advantage of the Hyperloop.

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