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Top 10 Best Offices to Work In Chicago

07.28.2017 - 4:54 PM Comments: 0

These days, more and more companies are paying attention to their work space environments, especially in regard to hiring the best talent around.

It’s a smart approach, especially given the fact that many employees will spend more hours in the office during the week than they do at home. It can also help with collaboration and brainstorming between coworkers, or to help build office productivity.

No matter the industry, it’s always a bonus to provide a great space for all employees. To help you generate ideas about how you could improve your office, or to help you think of where you should apply for a job, here is our list on today’s top 10 best offices to work in Chicago:

10. Groupon

Groupon is a fantastic example of what a quirky office can achieve. In their headquarters, you can find anything from a tiki bar to a game room to even an enchanted forest. You’ll never know what you’ll find in the office, which might be the way that they like it.

In addition, there is the fact that there are endless work spaces available to work in. There’s something for everyone, no matter how they’re feeling on a certain day, so that everyone can finish their work on time.

9. Capital One’s Shop

Another big name company, this newly remodeled office for Capital One is certainly unique. It’s laid out like a city plan based on it’s inspiration--Chicago.

The grid provides distinct work, entertainment, and meeting areas. Within, there are plenty of concrete, wood, and metal accents that evoke bridges, rivers, and buildings. Plus, with an “indoor patio”, employees are able to take breaks amongst greenery, no matter how cold the Chicago winters can get.

8. Centro

Centro, an online advertising buyer and consultant, needed to move when they outgrew their former headquarters. With the move, they needed a larger space, but also a way to tailor the new office to their unique employees. They definitely achieved that.

With plenty of office light and greenery, you definitely understand the company’s focus on health and well-being. Open workspaces help the extroverts, while introverts can find hidden spaces for solitude. Not to mention, the space included for free wellness classes.

7. Threadless

Threadless, an artisan t-shirt manufacturer, has an edgy personality for their top-floor office. By embracing the warehouse aesthetic of their building, their office is full of shared workspaces and natural light.

If one needs a break for creativity, all they have to do is look out all of the windows to watch the city views. However, after hours, the warehouse building often hosts nightly artistic events, and the reception desk converts into a bar with beers on tap.

6. Prescient

Prescient moved its headquarters from Washington, D.C. to Chicago in 2015, and they’ve never looked back since. This global risk management company hired a design company to outfit their office, with everything you would expect for employees who have to work around the clock.

Here, you can find that most everything is of the high-tech appeal. This can be found in everything from the color-changing lights that provide an energy boost to a giant screen in the office that always displays the latest international news.

5. Mosaic

Mosaic is in a space that was once a maze like Chicago school building, except now it would be hard to find any traces of that left behind. The 5-floor building has been transformed into a bright environment that is fitting for this marketing agency.

Details like a grand staircase that visitors immediately see upon arrival and a commons room that provide space for events and guest speakers help make this office feel more centric, despite it’s larger size.

4. Ink Factory

Ink Factory, however, demonstrates what a company can do with a very small space in the big city. At just 1,200 square feet, this office really created a custom home in what they had.

By working with a designer, they achieved everything that the employees wished for:

  • Standing-Height Workstations
  • Communal Space
  • Storage
  • Enclosed Conference Room
  • Many, Many Whiteboards for sketching

Not to mention, a covered doghouse for their office dog, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

3. Dentons

Dentons is just proving that law firms can actually look out of the box and still find success. Just take a look within their office; by bringing sleek and modern designs to wide spaces, they certainly found their contemporary niche.

Furniture is textured and throughout the space you will find their signature purple weaved in to add visual interest. Not to mention the many windows that provide amazing views of the city.

2. ConAgra Foods

With a CEO who previously came from Hillshire Brands, the office for ConAgra Foods was not going to disappoint.. The inspiration from agricultural roots and farm-inspired details are very apparent when you step foot in this office, which is just the way they like it.

Wood is sourced from Chicago-area barns and meeting rooms are named “Land”, “Orchard”, and “Barn”. There’s plenty of space for employees to get together for work or non-related work activities, without distracting other co-workers. Plus, it’s hard to forget the 1,400-square-foot kitchen to develop and sample within.

1. Utech inc.

Of course, this list would not be complete without mentioning our company, Utech inc. Taking notes from the larger predecessors, employees will find a similar mindset at our offices in Chicago and Long Beach. Here, you will find a focus on generating creativity and offering a fun space for employees to gather and collaborate.

Amenities include:

  • Billiards
  • Flat-Screen Tvs
  • A Ping-Pong Room
  • A Bar
  • Photo-Zone Area

Meaning that when you need to take a break, there are many options to choose from. Maintaining productivity and a hard work ethic is important for technology businesses, so providing a fun space can certainly help with that. Consider applying to work at Utech today, and maybe you’ll get to enjoy these perks as well!

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