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Sun Shines Down On a South Dakota [Wheel Jam Truck Show] Morning

06.16.2017 - 5:02 PM Comments: 0

Whenever you read about South Dakota or hear someone talk about the city of Huron, the first thing communicated is going to be either fishing or hunting. Home to premier hunting festivals and competitions, South Dakota is known for its beautiful scenes of nature and its small town feel. But South Dakota to us is all about 18-wheelers, brake competitions, and some of the best entertainment you can find in Beadle County.

UTECH was excited to be a part of the 2017 Wheel Jam Truck Show, sponsored by 18 Wheel Truck Promotions, LLC. It was held from June 2-4 in Huron, SD. This was the 14th annual show for Wheel Jam, and the first appearance for UTECH. We loved this event, seeing as it was started to bring enthusiastic, energetic, and experienced truck drivers together in one big event. The Wheel Jam Truck Show highlights and praises the hardworking lifestyle that many of the truck drivers across the world experience.

Some of the fun events that were conducted at the 14th Annual Wheel Jam Truck Show were:

  • Showcase of top-of-the-line trucks and vehicles, which included a showcase parade
  • Tense and exciting brake competitions
  • Out of this world food vendors, featuring different cuisines from across the country
  • Trucking industry vendors and partners, giving exposure to the best resources available in the automotive and trucking industry
  • Concert from country music star Tony Justice

Here's our short video report about how it was:

Much like we learned at the 46th annual MATS show in Kentucky a few months ago, the FMCSA regulations were on everyone’s mind this year. There are many new changes coming into the trucking industry, and UTECH was able to get a better understanding of how it affects drivers directly. It was an incredible opportunity to learn first hand how drivers feel about the upcoming ELD mandate. We were even more excited to have shared the Best Solution to this upcoming FMCSA regulation by the use of GPSTab, our custom app that will help drivers make an easy and seamless transition from current to new processes. Our GPSTab tracking software will prepare truck drivers and fleet owners for the upcoming FMCSA ELD guidelines and rules.

Do you think that these new ELD mandates are fair? We spoke to many individuals and one in particular gave us a unique perspective. UTECH was able to speak to a truck driver with over 23-years of experience, who had not received a serious violation for 15 years straight. This trucking veteran, and others like him, feel it is unfair for experienced and professional drivers to suffer from this new mandate. He wishes there would be a “grandfathering” clause within the mandate, allowing safe and seasoned drivers a pass when it comes to adopting a new set of rules and regulations.

Unfortunately… it does not look like the FMCSA will allow any exemptions for these ELD laws. We at UTECH understand the inconvenience of having to go through these difficult changes, but we strive to provide relief in any way that we can. We believe GPSTab may be the relief that truck drivers need.

What is GPSTab? GPSTab is the perfect app that makes your everyday job easier. Through the use of Global Positioning System technology, GPSTab allows quick and efficient tracking and monitoring of drivers and/or equipment in real time. GPSTab also maintains route data and offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to help import driver safety and compliance.

Learn more about GPSTab and keep tabs on the people that are important to you.

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